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Dwarf Bunnies

If you already have a Dwarf Bunny or you are thinking of getting one of these miniature bunnies then you already or will soon know just how cute these small pet rabbits really are! But do you really know how to look after them so that they will live a long and happy life?

Many people buy pets to provide them with companionship. Animal lovers look to acquire their favorite pet in every breed. Some people like pets like dogs or cats and some go for reptiles like snakes or lizards. Even marine animals like fish and hermit crabs find a way into some people’s hearts.

With all the many different species of pets available for purchase and ownership, every animal enthusiast can find a pet he loves. Things like space and allergies also play a part in making a decision. Large dogs or very active ferrets are not suitable for a small apartment. Many people prefer smaller pets that are easier to sustain.

The dwarf bunny is a wonderful choice for many pet lovers and especially for children.

Pet rabbits are comparatively simpler to keep than many other pets. Even a novice pet rearing should be capable enough to look after a dwarf bunny with relative ease. These tiny pet rabbits require roughly the same care as an average size breed but they are much easier to handle because of their small size and this also means that they need less space.

For their diets, there is a definite advantage in feeding them fresh fruits and vegetables. These provide essential nutrients as well as variety and interest for the bunny. Iron and folic acids are supplied through leafy green vegetables while carrots are great supply of Vitamin A. Always feed your dwarf bunny what it really needs to keep it healthy.

Pet stores even sell rabbit pellets that are also a good source of nutrition. Munching on the hay or even little chew toys can help the bunny to keep his teeth to keep from growing too long and hindering his food intake.

One important thing to note is that bunnies do not have a mechanism that allows them to vomit, however. So owners need to be certain not to let them ingest inedible items like carpet or anything like that as they may cause a blockage that can only be corrected by surgery. So try to keep a close eye on your dwarf bunny when it is in your home.

A Dwarf bunny can be kept either indoors or outdoors. All bunnies should have regular exercise. Though they may be kept in a cage or a pen, they should have enough room to move around freely without overcrowding. Every bunny needs time out of the enclosure as well.

Though you may want to keep your dwarf bunny pet inside a specific, defined space to prevent escape or accident, let your inside bunnies out to explore their home and be comfortable. Outside bunnies also need exercise. Let them run around the yard and play with toys or other little bunnies. Also be sure to take them to the local pet shop to have them groomed regularly.

These little animals are so special and you will want to take good care of them. All bunnies are cute, but these little gems that can practically fit in the palm of your hand are just too precious! Keep its habitat tidy, feed it plenty of vegetation, and give your pet plenty of love and attention.

You will not regret adopting one of these beautiful, cuddly animals. They really do make the best pet rabbits. Even if you have never owned any kind of pet before, these common tips coupled with regular visits to the vet will help you keep your dwarf bunny happy and healthy.Image Source: http://images.google.com Continue reading

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